Oh No, The World Is Going To Explode!!!

Or maybe not. That noise may have just been the scanner. It is really dark in this here cave. I think, I will leave it now and give my body some of the sweet, sweet, sweet nectar known as sleep.

Before I end this here very short post, I want to say my weekend rocked. I got to treat my super amazing mother to lunch. I had the pleasure of meeting an ultra awesome baby that just graced the world with her presence this past Saturday, and I am pretty sure, we're going to be best of friends (she kept sticking her tongue out at me and that is what best friends do, right?). I had a lovely Thai dinner with my wife on Sunday night. All in all, the weekend was a rocking one. My time in the office today, on the other hand, may not slip into awesome territory, but the fact it is now over does.

With that, I say -- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (that is me snoring).


  1. Our friends Matthew and Jocelyn Caldwell, you may have met them before, actually. I think, they were with us when we had Korean BBQ.


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