And Now For Something Entirely Unrelated To The G20 & G8 Summits

Because after two days of blogging and writing about them, it is time for a break.

And more specifically, it is time for this. . .

This monumental and history making masterpiece is entitled, "Chris' Big Getaway". I am making the bold assumption that the 'Chris' in question is me, Christopher. Because you see, sometimes you can shorten Christopher into Chris (crazy, the tricks those name things can do). This beautifully profound piece of art was not crafted by me, but rather my close and dear friend Scott 'The Scott' Martin (who also happened to be the best man at my wedding, way back in the day). Take this any way you want, but this picture actually sums up our relationship and the reason we are friends rather nicely.

As you can see, not only am I present in this picture, but I'm also sporting the beloved tiara (because it isn't a day out unless I have my bling). Of course, I'm chilling with my best buds Jack Slater and Indy, as well as a pterodactyl that seems to have a really bad case of gas (to the point it gives new meaning to ring of fire). As you can see, I am leaving my favourite vacation spot Snake Mountain, but it looks like Skeletor wasn't in that day. So, we decided to get chased by some tanks instead (the next best thing, when you don't have a skeleton faced foe to play with).

You know, the more that I look at this picture, I realize this also sums up rather nicely exactly what my 6 year old self was hoping I'd be doing at age 32. He can now be content in knowing that it is at least forever captured in Photoshop form (Yes Tim, this is how Photoshop works). Of course, Jack Slater didn't exist when I was 6 years old, but we can always pretend that is the Terminator, which would explain how he got to ride a dinosaur since he is a time traveler. Because you know, this picture really needs logic and reason to help explain it, because plot holes is its biggest concern.

I hope your Tuesday was as action packed as mine. Or at least, the day experienced by the picture version of me.