And Stephen King Thought He Hated The Original

Today, I am showcasing yet another video that has been flailing about on the Web (does anyone who isn't currently living in 1998 even call it that anymore?) for probably 4 years or more now. By this point you may have forgot you watched it in between downloaded episodes of Robot Chicken, and thus it is my civic duty to deliver it again, so that you can laugh all over.

Of course, if you've never actually seen or heard of the film, "The Shining", then this entire parody trailer will be completely lost on you. Essentially, the film is based off Stephen King's third published novel and most definitely one of his best known. Stanley Kubrick directed this film, and Stephen King actually hated this movie since he felt it completely missed the point of his novel. Despite the fact the author of the book the film was based on hated it, it was largely loved by critics and cinephiles.

It is considered one of the scariest movies of all time, and basically, you can't call yourself a fan of horror without seeing this film at least once. It is a classic, and definitely a provider of nightmares.

For people completely oblivious to this classic film (and the even better novel), here is a quick and fairly spoiler free summary. Jack Torrance, a struggling alcoholic author, takes his family to the Overlook hotel, which is to be closed for the winter, to be the caretaker. He hopes to repair his deteriorating relationships with his wife and son, while also trying to complete the manuscript for his next novel. Since this is a horror story, things can't be that simple. It turns out the Overlook hotel is haunted, and at first tries to take over Jack's son Danny, but fails due to the powers he has (known as the Shining). So instead, the hotel focuses on taking over Jack and using him for its evil purposes. Scariness ensues for all.

This very well done (but fan made) trailer would give you a completely different impression of what type of story this would be. This version of the movie would probably be hated by Stephen King even more.