And Then They Do Something Stupid

Yesterday, I told my heartwarming tale of how several male customers showed a poor cashier compassion, patience and empathy. I mentioned how it reaffirmed my own optimism that people are generally good. Today, I am going to show something that may not take away from the goodness of people, but it shows that some may be lacking what we call 'the smarts'.

Here is a blog post from a blog that I know nothing about, but on this particular day they decided to discuss Facebook. The blog happened to have 'Facebook' and 'Login' in their title, which then meant if one googled those two words together, then it was fairly likely this page would be near the top of the list. Now, the blog post itself isn't anything particularly interesting (or it may be the most interesting thing ever -- but I still didn't really read it). The thing I want to draw your attention to is the comments section. There is 53 pages worth of comments, which would make you think this was a particular post that really got people discussing and debating about Facebook. Sadly, close to 50% (probably even more) are comments from people who are complaining they don't like the new Facebook and don't understand why they can't log in. The other 50% is posters laughing at the people who actually thought the article about Facebook, was actually Facebook.

Sigh. Sometimes people make my head hurt. Though at least it is good for a few chuckles. I am sure some of those people are actually just trolling or mocking the others, but it is quite headache inducing to realize, a lot of those comments are from people who are absolutely bewildered over what happened to their beloved Facebook.

Again, I say, 'Sigh.'