I Tackled A Fudge Brownie Sundae , And Its Name Was Colossus

As you can tell by that handy time stamp at the bottom, it was yet another day spent away from my personal computer (or in the case today, from anything that resembled a computer -- including that spooky neighbour with a monitor for a head). Today was due to celebrating 2 years of the most awesome marriage known to mankind as if it was my anniversary day. Why would I devote this particular Sunday for such a cause? Well, that would be due to the fact the real life anniversary of two years of marriage awesomeness happens to be tomorrow, which is a Monday. Monday is a day that grown ups have to go to work, and it is also a day that I have to go to work too. So, Sunday was declared the day of celebratination (sort of like a celebration, but with slightly more ear wax), and oh was it ever that.

How did we go about with the merriment, glee and revelry? Well, the morning was spent on the phone with several customer service reps, because nothing says Happy Anniversary like wanting to pull out all your remaining hair due to insanity driven conversation (also they make you want to be insane). This most intimate and personal of days saw an afternoon spent talking to our neighbours, and proving that I am not always passive and relaxed especially when a 'real winner' of a man decides to drive on my lawn in front of my own eyes, then proceed to deny it to my face. Does the day before my real anniversary celebration sound like a wonderful time?

Well it was. Because even though we didn't do everything we had planned, we did spend the day together. We capped off this day with a romantic evening at 'the red meat heaven' known as The Keg. Where I surprisingly enough, had my self a rather healthy slab of beef steak. We also had crab, because nothing says love like two people sharing crabs. Oh, and I also met my match by confronting a large bowl of a dessert monster known as a fudge brownie sundae. After it was all said and done, my belly wanted to do an impersonation of the classic scene from the movie Alien(BURST!), which means I did myself some good eating.

It was an evening of supreme awesomeness, and a glorious anniversary that wasn't actually my anniversary day. It was a great way to spend some time with the most wondrous and beautiful lady that I have ever known, and definitely made me look forward to several more wonderful anniversaries. Though I've promised Emily that when we both have a free weekend that I want to get away to somewhere romantic to celebrate our 2 fantastic years with a bit more style and elegance. Since I've now mentioned it to the blogosphere, I believe I am now legally obligated to follow through (or face the wrath of a soggy noodle flogging).

So, my day was the goodness, and I hope yours was pretty nifty too.