Our House Is A Zoo. . . Literally

Introducing the latest addition to the Spicer Zoo, you've read the blog about him but now it is time to see him. . .

(which may or may not be how you actually spell his name)

And now for the other esteemed members of the zoo. . .

Here is Crosby, who surprisingly is not eating or begging to be feed, but probably is dreaming about bacon grease.

And of course, it isn't a blog about my pets (or pets we're temporarily looking after) without a picture of the 85lb bundle of fun, Summit.

Speaking of Summit, here is his much anticipated rematch with Alf. Though at this point, the winner seems to be a foregone conclusion (pssst. . . its the one whose insides are not strung out across the floor)

Now, it is time for tonight's feature presentation, Freaky Friday: Animal Edition.

We conclude our tour of the zoo with a shot of Summit and his two best friends. These guys really hit it off with each other -- as in, they like to hit Summit in the face with their paws. Surprisingly enough, this is a picture where their favourite past time is not present, but rather, they almost seem civil with each other.


  1. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Jocelyn Wang Caldwell via Facebook:

    i thought ranger was summit's best friend... ;-)

  2. Summit has a lot of best friends. If he could speak English, he would tell you the tree at the front of our house is one of his best friends.

  3. Hey Chris, I'm ejoying your blog so far. Keep up the writing!


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