Swarley Moves Out

I came home from work today to see Swarley had packed all his bags, and was ready to return home after his one month plus visit at the Spicer household. I think Summit took Swarley's leaving the hardest, because he now doesn't have a cage to run circles around and whine at. Though after about 5 minutes, he remembered there was cat he could chase and drag across the kitchen floor any time he wanted.

To commemorate the end of Swarley's stay, I decided to work a 12 hour shift, then drink an ice cold beer on my porch while basking in the lovely summer evening with Emily, and I then topped things off with a rousing hour of Wii Sports Resort. I am sure such festivities would have made Swarley proud. Now, in his honour I will participate in his favourite of all past times, sleep.

Night, I hope your Friday was lovely, nifty and delicious.

Just in case you already have forgotten what Swarley looked like. . .