Where I Once Again Resort To Other People's Thoughts

Today is going to be one of those times I refer you over to somebody else's blog for your daily enlightenment. Why? I have three big, profound, and life changing reasons (actually, they are none of those, but it sounds better this way). My first, is that I've got lots of things that need my attention today which include possible paid writing work and my big people job, thus can't spend too much time playing in the blog sandbox today. My second reason, is that you can only resort to puppy pictures so many times (partly, because I only have so many). My final reason, this blog post I'm referring you to is actually something many of you will probably find insightful and interesting.

I've sent you to John Scalzi's 'Whatever' blog in the past. And if that didn't turn you into a regular reader of his, then I am really not sure if we can be friends anymore. Though, it isn't like he really needs my endorsement to get him readers since he has about a trillion bajillion a day, while it's a banner day for me if I get 33 (actually, it's still a good day if I get 10 less than that). If you are not a regular reader of his, then you most likely missed his recent post about marriage (which also marked his 15th wedding anniversary -- so congrats!). But you will miss it no longer because I will zap you there right now!

Even though I only have 2 years of marriage under my belt, I do think the man gives some rather dandy advice. I do recognize that some people come with heaps of baggage and history, to the point where those 3 magic words don't hold much fairy dust anymore. I do think there is always the chance where they can become nothing more than empty words, such as during a time a marriage may be losing luster and shine. Of course, that is the main reason why he mentioned right at the start that a great marriage requires a lot of hard work. I can attest to that. I can also agree that all that hard work does pay off, and there is a reason my marriage is better now than it was at the very beginning (not to say it wasn't pretty damn spiffy then too). I think a combination of doing all the small and big things that are necessary for a healthy marriage, along with a regular dose of those 3 words can lead to a long and happy life together.

Anyway, enough of my verbiage since I want you to read his. And you better read it, because there might be a quiz later.