Yet Another 'Funny' Video to Disguise My Lack of Written Words

This is another video that is a few years old (I stumbled upon it when I was still in University), but I think it's comedy gold. Or at least, good enough to distract you from the fact I am weasling myself out of having to write an actual post. Though I honestly was writing a 'real' post for today but it ended up being overly ambitious considering I also had possible paid writing work and big people work to do today as well. So, instead you can have funny moving pictures to entertain you, which you'll either find 'shoot milk from your nose' funny or 'this Christopher Spicer is a hideous human being to subject me to this' offensive. Either way, it saves me from having to use my brain to compose delicious and nutritious words.

A quick explanation of this video. It is essentially a parody of internet forums, which means if you have frequented forums to any degree then you'll totally get this video, and if you haven't done so then congratulations you are not a geek.