DUDE! You Haven't Written A Real Blog Post In A Bajillion Years!!!

Yeah, I've been resorting to lots of cute animal pictures and 'hilarious' videos lately rather than 'real' posts with delicious and nutritious words. But for the record, it hasn't been a bajillion years, because a) I haven't even been alive that long, b) I'm not sure if there is a bajillion of anything and c) hot damn, is a cold beer great in this skin meltingly hot weather. Yeah, option 'C' had nothing to do with bajillion, but it had to be said.

As I am sure any long time and alert reader of this blog can tell, a post with mainly pet pictures or video clips means my day didn't provide lots of time for sentence creations on the blog. This past week had a 'long weekend' attached to it, and I made the rather selfish decision to have a life rather than stay chained to the ol' computer. When I was at the computer, I was actually trying to compose written work that real live people with real live money will willingly pay me. I've decided that along with working my regular job and finding time to spend with my gorgeous wife and adorable pets as well as with my pretty radical collection of friends, that I want to make a very concerted effort to concentrate on getting paid writing work. I've been fairly successful for someone who started with no real portfolio, but ultimately, I want to be able to turn this into a viable and full time business. I've decided today that my goal is to have my writing become 35% of my overall income by September, which I think is reasonable but also means, I need to write, write, write, and write some more.

What does this mean for the future of this blog? Well, absolutely nothing. . . hopefully. I have every intention of keeping this thing for a very long time, (a bajillion?) because I enjoy having a place where I can write whatever I want and it is a safe area to continually refine my writing skills. It does mean I need to get much better at my time management. It also means that on days I don't have too much work, I'll hammer out a bunch of blog posts and have them post dated. Essentially, my goal is for you to not notice a thing other than the fact I just revealed my master plan. Once I get in my groove and do find time to write multiple blogs at one time, then my 'cop out' posts will be kept to a minimum. Of course, just for kicks and giggles, I'll post animal pictures on days they decide to be extra adorable for the camera. I also hope at some point, to be in a place where I'm posting more than just one post every day (but that will be reserved for when I have readership levels past the roaring twenties and it starts approaching larger digits).

Anyway, we will now return to our regularly scheduled program. Which for me includes a large, comfy bed, because my alarm clock intends on interrupting my sleep at 5. Jerk.