My Current Status

Despite my previously violent video used to depict my response to the heat and humidity, my skin is remarkable still on my bones.

Though, I may have lost some weight due to partaking in an activity some like to call 'sweating buckets.'

Since this is no good, I had to find a way to gain weight. Emily and I immdediately swept ourselve over to a place in Hamilton called August 8. We then gorged ourselves on copious amounts of sushi and Dim Sum. If you are near the area, you should check it out for the all you can eat at lunch.

Mmmmm. . . sushi and dim sum.

So yes, my day was good, and I didn't allow the vile heat to get me down. I am talking about the heat that comes from the Sun and not from Miami. Though, I won't let them get me down either, even though I'll be pointing fingers and laughing if they don't end up in sniffing distance of the NBA Championship this season (though by all rights, they should have done the proverbial 'bought' a championship this year).

All my day needed for near perfection was a cold bottle of beer and for this annoying scanner to stopp pestering me. But he gets his way, because he pays my mortgage.

Well, he doesn't literally pay more mortgage. That would be a little too 'Skynet' scary for me.

If you didn't get my previous pop culture reference, then my readers really are not an assemblage of geeks.