Sometimes, You Just Feel Like. . .

. . . a turtle trying to get out of a bucket, but fails, thus trapping yourself in that bucket for the remainder of the day.

Okay, maybe I'm being too literal. But you can empathize with the turtle.

You can probably guess that this isn't the best day of his life. Right?

My weekend on the other hand, was not a "trapped in a bucket that I was trying to get out of" kind of weekend. It was more of a "had an amazing time at my brother-in-law and brand new sister-in-law's wedding" kind of weekend. Which usually makes for a rather spiffy and nifty type of weekend.

I also got to eat a lot of samosas. And samosas are very skilled in the art of making me and my belly happy. And that is exactly what they went about doing this weekend.

Yes indeed, my weekend was not like that poor turtle's, but I still feel bad for the guy. Maybe he has a samosa in his shell, in order to make things a little better.

I'm off to play 'paid writer' for a few hours then I've got my big person job to do after that. So, I'll leave you here now and you can watch that turtle video over and over again.