I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Summit's First Canoe Trip: A Pictorial Tale

How did I spend my Canada Day yesterday, you ask?

This is how, I answer.

After Summit had successfully conquered the land, we decided it was time to test his skills on water. As you can see, he was up to the challenge.

It took a whole 2 minutes for Summit to figure out there wasn't actually a lot to do in a boat. But I did offer him a chance to paddle for a bit, but he informed me wooden objects are only good for fetching and chewing.

Summit is pondering life's great questions. "I wonder, will I get chicken frame or organ meat for dinner?"

It's a hard life at sea. . . um, the Grand River.

Meanwhile, back at home. . .


  1. I'm with the cat. Life is better with tater chips.


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