I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

What Made My Saturday Spiffy?

I had a wonderful date with a beautiful woman at a delightful bistro on a patio looking out over the Grand River. Pretty and delicious. Well, the river probably isn't all that delicious but my cheese and bacon burger fell under both categories.

A lunge-free walk with Summit, which always makes for some spiffiness.

I ate popcorn with that fantastic white cheese topping stuff. Hey, I take pleasure in small things. Especially small things with tasty kernel goodness.

I watched some gunslingers save a Mexican village from vile bandits. Because if that doesn't make for a rather spiffy day, then you have no soul (or are a bandit).

Did some 'house window shopping', because when you own a house, looking at homes you don't own is actually pretty fun. I don't know why, but it just is.

That my friends, is why my Saturday contained some healthy doses of spiffiness. How about yours?