Just Keep Swimming

Would You Rather. . .

So, last week when we were suffering through the 'Great Heat Wave of Skin Melting Evilness of 2010', Emily asked me this question. 'On a humid and hot day, would you rather put up shingles on a roof or lay asphalt on a road?"

I gave this question some very serious thought. I realized, that both options were absolutely dreadful, but under the rules of 'Would You Rather' (established during the 'Great Snooze of 1917'), I had no choice but to choose one.

So, my answer was that I'd rather drink a beer while wallowing in a kiddie pool. Emily didn't seem to appreciate that answer since apparently it wasn't an option. I then tried to distract her with a pretty piece of tin foil. That was when I was reminded she wasn't a cat.

So, I picked shingles. Yes, you are elevated thus being attacked by that evil rising heat. Plus you are now even closer to Mr. Sun and his rays of utter damnation. But it is not asphalt. Asphalt is sticky and smelly and already very hot. When you're in conditions of total heat-tastic-ness, do you really want to throw more hot things into the mix? So, shingles win here, and actually, Emily presented the above scenario to me (but I was still thinking it -- along with the beer and kiddie pool which is still the better option) thus agrees.

There you go. Ponder on that questions and be distracted by the fact this blog has been continually lean over the last few weeks. But you see, it is smart to be lean during these hot times we live in. My blog is just trying to stay comfortable, that's all.