My Confession AKA Prepare To Be Mind Rocked

Two days ago I crafted a short post about my struggle with trying to balance financial security with achieving a long held dream. Of course, to illustrate my dream I inserted a magnificent masterpiece depicting RoboCop gracefully riding a unicorn. I'm sure you all had a good chuckle and shook your head at my never ending silliness. Because we all know my biggest dream is to become a full time paid writer, or if we're going to follow the path of big dreams, then more specifically become a novelist.

Here is the thing, what if that picture wasn't a big giant joke, but rather my own subconscious slip where I revealed my true feelings and desires. Even though I wasn't quite ready to confess this, it appears the picture has opened the door and I misplaced to lock in order to successfully shut it back up.

All this time, my talk of writing has been code words. Code words that I was far from ready to reveal their true meaning. Every time I stated that I wanted to become a full time paid free lance writer, what I was really saying was that I wanted to dress up in RoboCop armour. When I talked about wanting to get a novel published, what I really was saying was that I wanted to frolic in the woods (with my armour on) until I encountered a unicorn. And any time you read the words indicating my dream of writing a bestselling novel, this was actually code for gracefully riding through the meadows on my faithful stead the unicorn.

Now, I am not fully prepared to admit to this true dream on a day to day basis. Even though the secret is out, I am still more comfortable working with the code words. But now when I talk about writing or discuss my dream, then you know what I really mean.

Thank you RoboCop, may you encounter many unicorns upon your paroling of the Detroit streets. Er... I mean, happy writing, everyone.