My Internal Struggle. . .

The need for financial security


Realizing my dreams.

Now, I'm not saying that my vision of financial security is wearing a suit while firing off a thumbs up. And I am definitely not claiming my biggest dream is to be RoboCop while riding a unicorn. But. . . you know what, I am pretty sure I lost you with that picture of RoboCop riding a unicorn. We'll have to try this again some other day.


  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Howie Chong via Facebook:

    That's everyone's struggle. But a few things to consider:

    1) how much money do you need to be financially secure, really?

    2) even if you run out of money (which you won't), what's the absolute worse thing that can happen?
    3) how much of your fear is about you, and how much of it is fear of how people will perceive you and this change you want to do?

  2. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Molly Jasmer via Facebook:

    from the picture, I thought your struggle was with giving everyone the thumbs up all the time. Because that's a struggle I can understand.

  3. Howie: Not so much a perception thing, but more of a 'golly, it is nice to make those mortgage payments' things.

    Molly: Well, if you got to show people an appendage, I'd say the thumb is definitely the best.

  4. Anonymous7:41 am

    Molly Jasmer via Facebook:

    I'm pretty sure that at the reception I flashed the thumb one time too many. It was just a "thumbs up" kind of day.

  5. On your wedding day, it can be any kind of day you want.


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