I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

The Plus Side Of My Job. . .

It is entirely flexible and I can do things like bugger off to the CNE. I did such buggering today. I caught me some shows, gobbled up a bacon poutine, and hung out with the cutest 4 month old known to mankind (or at least by me). Now, I'd show pictures of all this fantasticness but I forgot my camera.

So, I'll resort to Chicago again, where I didn't forget my camera. Here I am hanging out with some of my best buds, who just happened to be birthed the same year as me.


  1. AAAhhhh! R2-D2 is also one of my best buds! Madeleine had fun hanging out with you too except she was a tad bit disappointed that none of us tried the deep-fried butter...

  2. My heart is appreciative that I passed on it though.


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