So, There Clearly Are Perks To Being A Sci-Fi Writer

Okay, I am not going to embed this video here because it isn't safe for work and will likely offend some of you greatly (and I try to limit the amount of wrath thrown upon me per day). So yeah, this is lewd, but completely hilarious if: a) your humour sometimes wanders over to the crude side, b) your me, c) you know who Ray Bradbury is, and d) are fairly familiar with his works.

Having 'a' is fairly helpful in not going into a moral rage, and 'b' isn't too necessary but still it's cool (though it also means I may have some multiple personality issues going on here). But 'c' and 'd' are pretty much a must if you are going to get any of the jokes and have any chance of laughing like I did while watching it the first time.

Enjoy. And remember, I totally warned you.