Sunday's Question To Ponder

Has anyone who has ever uttered the statement 'I'm not racist but. . . ' been able to then walk away not looking like a complete bigoted assclown?

What got me to ask such a question? Let's just say the news seems to be showcasing a lot of narrow minded, venom filled jerks. And yes, a rant will be coming very soon. And no, it won't be today. No, today is a day where I have a delightful going away party for a even more delightful sister-in-law. So, the rest of the day will be happy thoughts.


  1. Anonymous8:49 pm

    I realized today that, as far as statements go that get uttered, I don't like the statement 'it's coming apart at the seams.' I hear people saying this when all is falling apart and is not too fixable. When looking down at my tattered shorts today and drinking a tea, I saw holes forming due to wear in the middle of the material. This is the actual unfixable problem. Sure you can patch it, but that is just a not an actual fix. If the hole was indeed at the seams, then it could actually be fixed rather easily. I am no tailor, but I have battled with clothes, armed with needle and thread, and tried to keep them going. The seams is easy... it is when the slacks come apart in the thighs or knees.

    Sorry... not trying to highjack the post


  2. Well said, sir. That is definitely a cliche that is rarely used properly when one actually decides to sit and ponder it (like you may have done while staring at the faded knees of your army pants). The statement seems more apropos if you spill milk on your new couch. Yeah, it sucks there is milk on that couch, but you'll probably be able to soak that sucker up, thus fixing the problem (much likes those pants that just needed some needle and thread love).


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