This Isn't Something To Laugh About. . . No Wait, Yes It Is

I have blogged about gay rights before, like right here. And I have a inkling another nice blog of rage ranting goodness is right around the corner. But today, this video will accurately display a lot of my opinions, and also add some sweet touches of this thing called humour. Something that the hate peddling bigots tend to leave out in their demonstrations and protests.

Though, before I leave you with this video, I do want to say one thing in regards to this whole issue of gay marriage. How is the love of two committed people a threat to an 'institution' that supposedly demands that very thing? Shouldn't we be more fearful of spouses who bail out at the first sign of trouble, or celebrities that have a revolving door of partners, or the drunken husband that constantly forgets his wife isn't a punching bag? Those are the things that seem to be opposed to marriage, to me.