And Another Thing About Terry Jones

Honestly, I will blog about something other than the discrimination against Muslims at some point. But if people persist on spewing their bigotry all over my symbolic pants, then I am going to have my voice heard too.

As you know, Terry Jones has decided to postpone his hatefest known as 'Burn the Quran' day. During his announcement, he said something that really is the epitome of what is wrong with those who are so violently opposed to the Muslim community centre.

With a possibly slight paraphrasing: Americans don't want the mosque built at the ground zero site and Muslims don't want the Quran burned.

Do you see the problem here?

As I stated in my two previous posts about this, the worst thing in all this is that all Muslims are being depicted as enemies and the 'other'. It is very clear in Jones language that he isn't considering Muslims to be Americans. He is not showing any consideration towards the thousands of Muslims that worship and live in New York. These are American citizens that not only would like the community centre but also have their right to religion honoured.

It is so frustrating watching certain people try to define what an American is. It is pure racism when Muslims are deemed to be UnAmerican. It is outright sickening. So, even when Jones makes the right decision to stop the burning of the Quran, he still ends up revealing himself to be close minded and misguided. Being American is simply being a citizen of that nation and many of these Muslims were born in the country, which makes them as American as can be.

I have created two posts (here and here) that have clearly laid out my side on this whole issue and also showed why I think it is despicable. I really don't believe I have much more to add to this subject. I felt it was important to hammer home the mindset of some of the folks that are opposed to the Muslim community centre, and essentially reveal what is the root to this problem.