Calling Out The Racist

I've blogged a lot about discrimination and racism over the last few weeks, like with the controversy in New York or the threats of Quran burning or the misguided rights to spew slurs. If these events have shown me anything, it is the fact there is lot of deeply embedded institutional racism. A lot of this type of racism can be seen in the language and actions of the far right, such as in the previous mentioned events but also in many other issues constantly argued by that ilk. The scary thing is when you start realizing that a lot of the policies and acts they want to push forward have some strong racist reasoning and ideas contained within. They won't outright admit to it (since declaring yourself racist is rather passe now), but it can be seen when you observe and analyze the language and words being used.

This is why I really thought this video shown on Roger Ebert's website is quite powerful and satisfying. Yes, it is from a Fox News broadcast (the closest thing to Hell's news network), but even they are allowed to have something worthwhile to view every 15 years or so.

I want to make it clear that I don't agree with what most on the panel are saying (privatizing homeland security?!? Seriously?!?). It does my heart good to see most of the panel call out the racism displayed by Jack Burkman. It was even better to see Al D'Amato completely tear into Burkman and expose him for all to see. It was the right thing to do, and it absolutely needed to be said. People need to be called on their racism, especially when they start using it to push politcal agendas. If more people would bluntly express their disdain for this appalling rhetoric, then bigots disguised as political experts would be more accountable for their language and agendas.