From the 'Dwight Schrute School of Public Speaking'. . .

Wow, this may be the reason why you should run your speech ideas by a friend or spouse rather than just doing it in front of a mirror or stuffed animals. I am shocked this guy has actually held any form of a political position before this, or that he wasn't laughed off before completing his speech. I also love the fact he promises (threatens?) more of the same during the elections if some schmoes actually vote him as the Republican candidate. Apparently, yelling out your qualifications is the insurance you need for achieving office.

On the other hand, he cut a pretty good WWE wrestling promo.


  1. Anonymous9:45 pm

    get your shirts, get your hats...

  2. Anonymous11:13 pm

    It's funny that he has to stop and read his notes so much. And during his awkward pauses he gives the death stare! And how about his yelling - it's so intense, you think he's experiencing puberty again!


  3. It may be one of the most awkward campaign speeches I've seen. Despite talking to fellow party members that he wants to have vote him in, he comes off as if he hates every single one of them and wants to pick a fight with them all after class.


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