Late Night Thought

I just came home for watching The Town and I wanted to post a review but the hours are rapidly fading away this late evening and I still want to do some of this thing people call sleep. Instead, I am going to leave you with this thought that popped into my oatmeal style mush brain.

Let's say that all your dreams and ambitions are symbolically represented by a giant container of ice cream (I'll leave the flavour up to you). Now, you know that the spoon (especially the large serving size) is an effective way to actually get to the ice cream and be able to experience it (which is also known as eating it). But knowing that doesn't get you a single scoop of ice cream. Holding the spoon doesn't even get you any ice cream. You've got to take that spoon and dig right into that ice cream surface. Then you take that massive scoop and plunge it right down your gullet. The only way to have that ice cream is to actually use that spoon and start shoveling out some pieces.

So, have you started to begin the scooping and digging necessary to realize your dreams? How much of your dream have you tasted? I know this fall will be the time I am going to start to dig away at my symbolic ice cream container and really begin to taste it. I'm also probably going to eat a lot of real ice cream too, but surprisingly, that has little to do with my actual big dreams.