Short Reflections On A Long Weekend

In the Tortoise and the Hare fable, the apparent moral is supposed to be that slow and steady wins the race. But shouldn't it actually be, don't freaking take a nap in the middle of a competition? I think, that very moral has helped people like Roger Federer or Usain Bolt or Drew Brees be the athletic successes they are today. I don't think I've seen any of those men take a little shut eye in the middle of winning a match, race or game.

In the good at first but bad later category, we took our lovable pup, Summit, for a walk this evening. Now, taking him for a walk is always a good thing. But we decided to allow him a special long weekend treat since he was so good at the party last night (he remembered to use the coasters). We allowed him off leash in the woods near our house. It was pure joy seeing him gallop through all the bushes and generally, be engaging in the proverbial time of his life. It was even fun watching him jump into the dirty pond and splash about, because it means, we may have a chance in getting him to eventually swim. I loved watching him play, and it was considered a rather good experience.

But the hour or so spent trying to comb burrs out of his coat, was not a good experience. He seems to not like having a comb yanked through his fur, thus not the most cooperative during burr grooming. He also stunk like a dirty pond, which is never something you aspire from your dog.

So, that was my long weekend Sunday. How was yours?


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    Jude Martin via Facebook:

    likes this.

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    Jude Martin via Facebook:

    I spent my long weekend with it was fantastic :)


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