State of the Blog Address: Why I Write What I Write

In May of 2004, I thought it'd be spiffy to start up a blog. I have always loved to write, and often, I find writing is the best way for me to work out the thoughts in my head. I also just love the creativity and energy that comes from writing. I mean any form of writing from short stories to essay to articles to poems to my grocery list (though Emily prefers when it is a little less creative) is a process that I feel lifts my spirits and makes use of my skills. I also have a side of me that craves attention and likes to be the focal point. It was this delightful combination (much like peanut butter and chocolate, or a vocal critic and George Lucas) that inspired me and made me realize I wanted to blog.

Now, the blog always has been and always will be intended as a place to entertain me. I write about things that I like, and I deem to be important. Due to my constant need for attention, I also do appreciate growing an audience and getting my blog recognized. Over the last several months, I have discovered that this blog is one way that I could start creating some form of a name within writing circles. This isn't to say, that I think the blog is going to get me rich and famous. Actually, if I ever think that then I just need to look at my daily visitor count which is definitely swimming at the bottom .5% of the popularity pool. The blog won't ever be my key to success on its own, but at the same time, it has already helped open a few doors that weren't originally available to me.

If I really wanted the blog to be my major launching pad for writing success, then I'd have made sure it had a more focused theme. Any popular blog written by an initially unknown almost always is geared to a specific audience or topic (such as Conservative politics, Liberal puppies, or Moderate pies). And maybe at some point, I'll be inspired to start a blog that is more focused in its topics and goals. But that will never be this blog.

First and foremost, I like having a place where I can write whatever comes to my mind. I like being able to throw up a movie review or bash the handling of G20/G8 or try on my creative chops. The writing that I get paid for is for other people, and has to meet their requirements and expectations. So, it is nice having a place where I can post my own random musings and ramblings the way I want. At the same time, I like being able to have my writings actually being read rather than forever hiding in the bowels of my Word documents.

The risk of posting a hodge podge of writing content is that it is very unlikely that everything I write will be enjoyed by every person who frequents here. But I also recognize that is the risk of having a blog that goes out of its way to be random and not have any specific topics. This also means that the blog will likely take a long time to grow an audience unless I somehow stumble upon fame, or accidentally create the next annoying internet meme, or a bunch of people suddenly realize they like to read my writing style even if they don't agree with the thoughts.

That last part is the real kicker, almost everyone reading this is likely at some point either to disagree with my opinion, or have total disinterest/dislike/hatred towards the topic I choose. And that is completely okay.

I want this blog to be an enjoyable experience for more people than just the one fellow who is writing it. This means that I'll try to write topics that I believe are engaging or are controversial or are entertaining. I also recognize that I am not always going to be successful at that. And really, it doesn't matter since this blog is free and was only started to give me a place to sharpen my writing skills.

There is going to be times that you may want to ignore what I am writing. There hopefully will be times that you'll be moved and nod your head with agreement. There is possibly times you will feel the need to write a dissenting view in the comment threads. Other times, you will want to pet the cute cat and dog on your screen (for you, I mock you by petting the real thing). You see, all those above things are okay. Because just like I have the freedom to write about whatever I want, you also have the freedom on how to respond to this content.

As I proudly look at my daily post streak since the last day of January, I realize how much I love this blog. I've written some things I am pretty proud of. Even some things that I was able to show to possible clients and from that, was actually able to convince I was worth the hire. It has been a good blog, and I hope that it continues for many more years. But despite the fact it has helped me a slight bit in my writing career, in the end it is nothing more than a place for one guy to cobble together some words and try to become a better writer.

I'm going to continue to write about whatever I feel like at that moment. Often, I'll be moved by events that are reported in the news. A lot of those times it will be rants of fury, but maybe, it will even be times where I can be proud of what is happening in this world. But whatever I write about, you can choose to read it or deem it verbal diarrhea. You can civilly inform me that my view has holes, or you can cheer me in order to see my head inflate more. In the end, I hope you do enjoy this blog, because I definitely have.


  1. Anonymous10:11 am

    To tell you the truth, I am just looking forward to the day when you have a segment on comparing David McLane to Mike Goldberg to see really who is the most 'over-the-top' behind the mic.

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Even though some topics make me sad, that's not your fault. That's just you discussing life's events & sometimes people are really dumb & hateful in life.
    You are an excellent writer, Spicer. I'm so proud of you for posting every day. Pretty flippin' awesome.

  3. Who I assume is Scott: That would actually be a very interesting post. The big difference between the two is that Goldberg at least has a semblance of an idea of what is happening before his very eyes. While I am not even sure Mclane quite understands the concept of putting on pants.

    Molly: Thanks, I really appreciate the kind comments.

  4. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Jude Martin via Facebook:

    Thank u Chris...i do enjoy reading your blogs. u make me reflect, smile,'s nice to get to know who u r this way and to be entertained by u whenever i check out f.b.

  5. Anonymous11:20 pm

    It was indeed me. And you are quite right about the comparison... they both make me shake my head, but McLane more than anyone else I have ever heard commentate. Keep the ramblings and insights coming... it is always good to hear your perspective.


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