The SunTV Story Continues

I've actually got another blog post that I'm going to put up soon (that's right, two for the price of zero!), but since I blogged about the SunTV controversy earlier this week, then I wanted to point you towards a recent article in regards to this matter. It appears the gentleman representing SunTV in the debate, Kory Teneycke, has stepped down from his position with the network. The reason being claimed is that he feels his presence has been a liability to the pushing of the channel. But the reason he has been a liability is because he isn't answering some very important questions such as the following: why did he immediately leave the Conservative party to start up a seemingly right winged station, or why was he and Harper seen having lunch with Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, or what exactly is Harper's connection with this channel (is it going to be a Harper propaganda machine disguised as a news station?), or why did it just happen that it was his IP address that was linked to the tampering of the petition while also being the person who outed the fake names in the petition? Yeah, lots of question that never went answered, and now, he is stepping away from the channel. I'd say that just causes even more questions. There is some spooky politics going on here.


  1. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Yes, he left a great number of questions unanswered, and if anything the whole situation points to a truth behind the claims of the folks at Avaaz. Not much transparency with this issue, and it leaves me feeling a little bit uneasy.


  2. The ironic thing is, his leaving the channel probably makes matters worse since the assumption now by most will be that there is something to the charges being laid by Avaaz.

  3. Anonymous2:49 pm

    It is interesting as well that Teneycke's replacement was the spokesperson for Mulroney. The intentions of political bias are extremely clear on this one.

  4. Yeah, because no one would ever accuse Harper of trying to create a propaganda network if a spokesperson for the Tories in the 80s took on a leadership role. There couldn't possible be any type of connection now! Hmmm. . . read this in a sarcastic tone for proper effect.


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