Yeah, That Is Pretty Much Star Wars

This is a meme that has been circulating around the internet for at least two years. But it makes me giggle and today, you all want a giggle. Right?

As for today, it was the wonderful of all wonderfulness. Summit pulled his first cart today, and for a first time experience, he did an amazing job. He'll be a carting pro in no time. Or at least, it gets me one step closer to that picture of Summit carting Crosby around (opposed to the current act of Summit dragging Crosby around by his head). That picture will some day be a reality, and when it is, rest assured it'll be posted here in lieu of an actual article.

To top this day off, I put some steak in my belly. Because really, that is where steak wants to be. How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Anonymous9:21 am

    My Saturday consisted of me having to stay close to home base because of scary sounds and rumblings... if you get what I`m saying.

    Not the most fun day.


  2. Too many bowls of chili, samosa, enchilada stew?


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