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And Now For Some Music From Back In the Slum House Days

Way back in the year 2003, I owned a dance club. Now, to most people, this dance club would be considered the bedroom I shared with a roommate. Usually, the club's night life consisted of me and my room mate dancing to various rap, hip hop or pop/dance. But we did have a bouncer (another roommate) , which I believe is all it takes to have a legit dance club. Though, we fired him after one shift because he allowed a person into the club without our permission (I mean hey, it was our bedroom). The place was so popular we did get to hire another bouncer (yet another roommate), but his main job was to just make sure the old bouncer couldn't come in (actually at that point, we decided the former bouncer was the only person restricted from the club). And so was the life at the Slumhouse dance club.

Yes we were single; why do you ask?

Anyway, you may be curious what type of music was played at a place called Slumhouse. Well, one of our favourite songs at the time would be Swollen Member's Lady Venom. I haven't heard this song in years, but its rhythm and tune forces back images of constant power failure, rotting blankets and dishes, and general slumminess. Otherwise known as my life in 2003.



  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    remember when we found out that we could have seen them and other Battle Axe folk for a really reasonable price? i remember... sigh. when i saw them live, this song was pretty epic.

  2. Yet another reason for a certain person to be banned from the club (our bedroom).

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Nikki Virgin via Facebook:

    I always thought it was just a bedroom dance party?

  4. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Amanda Carew via Facebook:

    Ah...slumhouse....good 'ole slumhouse. I don't think we had power failure when we lived there, but I do know the Landlord wasn't a fan of me. Oh, and the mice. Had a good share of mice. Sam's apartment in the front was by far the nicest....not fair. Good ole' slumhouse.

  5. Well, it was a bedroom dance party, but that isn't what we called it.

    And yeah, Slumhouse was special. I don't remember too many mice, but then again, there would have been lots of trash for them to hide behind.


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