How Was My Birthday?

It was actually 50 billions flavours of awesome (which is far more than Baskin Robbins can boast). It was a wonderful day spent with the most beautiful woman on the planet, and who wouldn't want to do such thing on their birthday? I sure would, and I did, as I just told you.

But what actually did my day consist of?

Why the mandatory birthday stuffing of raw fish and Dim Sum, as one is legally obligated to do on their birthday. Or at least, a very good way to feel really bloated the remaining half of the day.

But birthdays usually have presents, so how did I do with scoring the loot. Well, I scored rather well, thank you. I have now obtained my childhood dream of owning a lightsaber, and also obtained the dream of millions, by receiving a video game about an insane rabbit and his detective dog friend (doesn't everyone want such a thing?).

But what is the gift that really proves that Emily is the queen of all things awesome? Why, that would be the tickets to a Bears games against the Detroit Lions. Was I happy with such a gift? Well, let's just say Emily's first words after I received the gift were, "You're not going to cry, are you?"

Yeah, I was a little overjoyed. I've wanted to go see a live Bears game for many, many, many years. So, this will pretty much be a whopping, king sized meal of awesome. But I wouldn't expect my wonderful wife to serve anything less.

I also was quite humbled by the huge amount of kind and heart felt birthday wishes that I received via phone calls, e-mails, and Facebook. So, I want to thank everyone for pretty much being the best ever. That's right, I am talking about you. Pat yourself on the back.