I Remember. . .

Because being opposed to war doesn't mean I forget all the brave men and women who literally sacrificed their lives and well being for this country and its freedoms.

Because this country is great due to democracy and liberty, and they helped make it a modern reality.

Because today is about people who stood up against atrocity and inhumanity, and that is worth honouring.

Because I've had (and have) loved ones that have experienced war outside of the cinemas.

Because I haven't.

Because sometimes you have to do undesirable things in order to reach a desired result.

Because today is about people who paid a great price in order to give us a great gift.

Because I can't imagine what they went through there or here.

Because being a soldier and peacekeeper does not mean you believe in war.

Because they believed and believe in peace and freedom.

Because as a husband, I can understand why you must protect and defend what you love. And as a Canadian, I am proud someone did that for me.

Because I don't have a choice.


  1. Wow - that was just beautiful ~

  2. Thank you. Coming from the master of beautiful words that means a lot.


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