The Spicy Television Round Up

We've had cable for close to two months now. I've been gorging myself on the smorgasbord of programming that is now available for my consumption. So, I thought I'd do a quick review of the glutton of programming I've subjected myself to over the last several weeks.

The Amazing Race: Anyone who has followed this blog since its inception would be shocked by this entry. For the first two years on this blog, if I wasn't reflecting upon oatmeal hats or the whackiness of Mentos commercials , then I was likely unleashing my unabashed hatred for reality television. But as I stated before, being married has changed a few things, and since the wife likes some of the reality shows then I've occasionally been sucked into its evil vortex. Sadly, this won't be the only reality show that finds itself on this list. But this isn't necessarily a show that is 'must see TV' for me, and was more something I started watching because Emily liked it. Though, despite saying that, I was the one that turned it on this week. And I do have the teams that I root for, and the teams I am hoping find elimination coming their way. Though the team I was hoping to win it all (the father and son) is now out, and so I'm just rooting for the tattooed and pierced couple to be rid off. It has nothing to do with tattoos and piercings (my whole teen years I was convinced I'd get both, until I realized they'd hurt), but rather the fact the boyfriend comes off as the king of the dirtbags. I can't ever root for a nutsac that calls his girlfriend a moron, even if it is in the heat of the moment.

Walking Dead: I've reviewed this show before, and since then, it has kept on delivering the awesome. Definitely one of my favourite shows, and one of the true 'must see TV' programs. This show is so much deeper and well written than what you'd expect from a show about zombies, and truly one of the most compelling things on television right now.

Football: And this my friends is one of the reasons we have cable. Oh glorious football, how I've missed you. I've currently been able to watch the Bears three times on television which is the awesome. For the most part they've had a pretty respectable season, and looking forward to the few more times they sneak on television (the downside of living in an area that is Bills country is that Bears games are not weekly broadcasts).

Sister Wives: What!?! How did this get on here? Hey look, pick ax wielding squirrels!

Cartoons: Oh glorious Teletoon Retro! I finally get to watch cartoons while shoveling milked up grains into my mouth. What a glorious time we live in.

How I Met Your Mother: There is a lot of talk about the end of the "classic sitcom". The sitcoms we remember growing up to which had a studio audience and clearly designed sets, but instead, a lot of the current crop of sitcoms have been filmed like your typical drama (it seems like The Office and Arrest Development would be responsible for this new movement). This is a show that has kept the traditional sitcom alive, but being able to be a stand out and incredibly original at the same time. It is easily one of the funniest shows on TV, and is loaded with a great cast. The real star of this show is Neil Patrick Harris who is currently enjoying a career revival and is a complete riot in this comedy.

WWE Wrestling: About 10 years, I'd almost never miss an episode of Monday Night Raw. Now, I barely watch an entire episode, but I've still tried to catch a glimpse or so since getting cable. Part of the reason is due to the fact I usually end up watching the version that starts at midnight on Monday, and with it being a two hour show, it can be rather hard trudging through when you have a bad screaming your name. But I'd also probably be able to stick it out if the programming was compelling and engaging. The fact is, professional wrestling just isn't what it used to be 10 years ago. A lot of the stars I'd tune in to see like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock have moved on to new endeavours, and the replacements just don't measure up. I am sure this paragraph has just sent a few readers who know me into spasms.

Baseball Playoffs: Just like football, it was really fantastic to actually be able to watch it again from the comfort of my home. It was especially nice to see the Texas Rangers knock out the Yankees. Though, I had hoped for a Phllies v. Rangers World Series, but instead got to see the Giant take home the big championship. Oh well, there was still some pretty exciting moments in the play offs, especially the aforementioned upset and Halladay's no hitter.

AMC, MovieTime, and IFC are channels I constantly flip to. Most times I only end up watching a little bit here and there, since I've seen most of the films before. I am so glad to have 24 hour access to movies again, because its nice knowing there is always the chance of seeing Schwarzenegger walking about asking ladies if they are Sarah Conner or Bruce Willis run away from shoes.

Dragon's Den: Yep, more reality TV. Man, Christopher from 5 years ago would have flogged me with a soggy noodle for hours on end for this. But this is actually a pretty interesting show, and I have actually seen some of the products make it on store shelves. Though I've missed the last few weeks of this show, but it is a nice one hour diversion when I can afford it.

Survivor: I hated this show. This was the inspiration for my rants against reality TV. But I decided to watch a few episodes of the Heroes vs. Villains version, and I got intrigued by the mind games and strategies acted out by people like Russel and Parvatti. So, I've given this season a shot, and it has had its entertaining moments. All the backstabbing and trash talk actually reminds me of pro wrestling, and it is probably just as scripted and staged sometimes too.

Modern Family: Funniest show on television. I've gushed about my love of this show before on this blog. It still remains awesome now. This is another can't miss show.

The Ultimate Fighter: This is exactly what wrestking used to be, and what got me hooked on that pseudo sport. The difference is this is a real competition. The program concept is genius since it builds up a big PPV fight (thus guaranteeing some extra buys), but at the same time also has the potential of building and creating news stars. It is always crucial to start building towards a future generation of stars, in order to ensure longevity. At this point, I am calling for Jonathan Brookins to win the whole tournament.

Sports: Yeah, I know that football, MMA and baseball are sports. I threw this category in for all the miscellaneous stuff that I haven't watched on a regular basis. I'm sure when the season starts getting farther in, I'll watch more hockey and basketball. But it is sure nice to be able to finally start watching Sports Centre again. Oh sports highlights, how I missed your pre-packaged and cheesy one liners goodness.

The Office: This is a show that had a few rougher seasons, but The Office version of rough is the equivalent of most shows best. This has been a pretty spot on season, and has shown the series is back on track. Though, I've got a feeling this will either be the final hurrah, or the second last season before things wrap up. I've pretty much come to terms with that (that is why we have season box sets).

Countless Home Reno Type Shows: This is Emily's thing, but usually I find myself in the room while they're being displayed. I have to say they can be pretty interesting and insightful. Though, I don't think I'll ever turn it on without Emily wandering about.

Anything Gordon Ramsey:
Yeah, I suck at Reality TV's teat.

Well, there you go. This would be my current diet of cable television. Though some of these shows I don't watch that regularly, and I am sure there is something major I've left off this list too. But this is what cable has rocketed into my brain for the last month and a half, and I'm okay with that.


  1. I definitely agree with you on How I Met Your Mother & Modern Family- both hilarious & well written. The Office has basically lost me... where it was funny because everyone always knew someone that was like that in the workplace, it's now become absolutely ridiculous & more & more unrealistic. I don't really blame Steve Carell for getting out of it, time to move on. It was wonderful when it was wonderful but now, it's mediocre.

  2. The Office has definitely had moments where it has wandered off into the absurd and ridiculous, but I do feel it has got back some of its old magic in the last season or so. Though at the same time, I think it is approaching near the end of its run, and has already delivered most of the pay offs we were anticipating and begging for when the series began. It seems like there isn't many places for the series to go now, and it is probably best to start doing to the work to give it a proper send off.


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