Today's Proof I Do Like Some Modern Rock

I've posted a lot of music videos on here over this last year (ya for discovering embedding!), but for the most part it is has been stuff from either the 80s or the 90s. Now, there was Mumford & Sons' Little Lion Man that I admitted on this blog had completely hooked me, and I still happily gobble it up when I hear it (and yes, I do need to buy that album). For the most part, I'll admit I am pretty oblivious to most of the current music, and I usually am not all that interested in curing that oblivion. I like my music that comes from decades past, and I'm more likely to pop in my Steppenwolf or my 70s rock compilation album than try out the latest hit that makes all the girls squeal.

Lately, I've been listening to 102.1 The Edge while at work, and there has been another new band (or at least, one that I didn't know about before)that has climbed into my ear and refused to stop rocking out. And if your purpose of being in my ear is to rock out, then I'll allow you access.

I am now a fan of Bedouin Soundclash's Mountain Top , and it has been reminding me of some of the addictive punk rock I'd blast from my bedroom in my teen years. They've got a very raw sound, which is what you want from a punk band. They sort of remind me of Rancid, which is a good thing, because that is a very faovourable modern punk bank to be compared to. It has an older sound rather than the more bubble gum pop punk that litters airwaves now. Their lead singer has the raspy and rough voice that one demands from a real punk lead, and he even lets out a few signature punk yells. So yeah, it hooked me and it is a fun song. So see, I'll give some of this new fangled music a try (as long as it reminds of the stuff I used to like).


  1. I am loving Mumford & Sons! And it was you who introduced me to them. I'm sad that their Toronto show is sold out...maybe I can win tix somehow...

  2. I am glad to hear I was able to introduce you to a fantastic band.


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