Just Keep Swimming

Your Required Reading For The Weekend. . .

I'm off to scour the streets of Toronto, and mooch delicious food from my in-laws today. But I'll leave you with some loving and caring people who'll get you through this dark and lonely time.

1. I've told you before that John Scalzi is awesome, and he maintains his awesomeness with this very entertaining Science Fiction Grace. If you know your SciFi films, then you should find this extremely amusing.

2. I keep telling you to check out Subnormality, and if you still haven't got my sledgehammer like hints, then here is yet another comic to attempt to win you over. This one is a rather interesting look at what exactly is maturity -- plus it has mountain goats! Can you go wrong with mountain goats?

3. I just discovered Hyperbole and A Half this week. I find her blog post about her dogs' responses to moving to be particularly fun. Summit and Crosby always start acting differently when we start packing around the house, though Summit still sees car rides as a glorious thing while Crosby is far more melodramatic.

4. Dear Blank, please blank is another site that you can probably do a very effective job of wasting away an afternoon. And it is Saturday, so why not?

Enjoy these suggestions, while I busily stuff my face with glorious authentic Chinese dishes.