Here, Have A 90s Mainstream Hit With Profound And Relevant Lyrics

I am not sure what ever happened to Everlast after 1998, but the man produced two major hits with "Jump Around" (along with his then group House of Pain) and his solo hit, "What It's Like." I was a fan of both songs, though it is pretty obvious which one had the deeper lyrics. Actually, it was a bit of a shock at the time when the former House of Pain frontman came out with such a different and thought provoking song. I still don't mind listening to it today, and I definitely believe the lyrics have the same power and importance they carried over 10 years ago. Even if he isn't your style, I recommend that you give today's video a look. Its message is fairly similar to my post, It's Not Okay. Enjoy and give some thought to Everlast's "What It's Like".


  1. love this song--and it's message. Try to teach my students that every day--think about it--"what if"--love respect honor--feel like i'm fighting an uphill battle--but i figure, if you try to see something from someone else's point of view, even if you don't get it quite right, opening your heart and mind and arms will get you much further than shutting them out and refusing to try. "love is not against the law"

  2. Those kids are so fortunate to have such a loving and open minded teacher. Don't ever give up, Leigh, because I know that message will reach some of your students. It will be a great philosophy that they can carry their entire life, and be the necessary ingredient to transform this world for the better.


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