As Promised By My Previous Post. . .

Moan. Cry. Boooo. We were robbed, robbed, ROBBED! Boo hoo hoo!

There, I think that is enough pouting to please all the Packers fans.

But. . . it was a hell of a game just liked I promised. The Bears made an amazing run at the second half, and it was looking like they were going to tie it up. Not only were they going to tie it up, but they were going to do it with their third string quarterback Caleb Hanie. It was almost something right out of a Hollywood sports film, where the QB who only has played 5 NFL games was about to lead the team to the championship. Unfortunately, it wasn't a movie, so we (as in me) got a much sadder and less Hollywood ending. But Hanie really stepped up and proved he is a guy worth looking at for a few more games next season.

It was a fantastic game even though I didn't get the result I really want. I'll have to wait a little bit longer for my dream of seeing the Bears win the SuperBowl (which they've only done once in my lifetime).

Boo hoo hoo.

Though, at least I'm not a Jets fan. This first half isn't going so splendidly for them.