The Downside Of Being A Vocal Fan. . .

The days after a huge loss consist of many a little demons that like to plunge into a salt mine and aggressively apply its minerals onto your not quite healed gaping wounds. This is the week that I've learned that my little city has far too many Packers fans. Not sure if I've ever been more ashamed of the place I call home. And to make it clear, I may not be much of a fan of the Steelers but I really have no other choice to cheer for (and I'd expect the same from the apparent horde of Packers fans, if it had gone the opposite way). To all that have participated in the delightful 'Soul Crush 2011', thank you so much for making it abundantly clear to me who won and who lost this past Sunday. I clearly wasn't truly aware by just watching the game, but needed the song and dance routine to properly lay it out.

On a completely different note, I attended a 'town hall' meeting this week. I was rather disappointed that there was no song and dance routine about a monorail or some evil billionaire threatening to block out the sun. Why yes I watched a lot of Simpsons in the 90s, why do you ask? It was a good opportunity to get a better idea of the major issues of my ward and to get a better understanding of my council representatives' goals and passions. I definitely plan to get more involved in this great little city over the next many months.

Other than that, I've spent far too much time at the ol' doctor's office and way too little time at the magical writer's den (which is also a office, but with far less patient interruptions). Though part of this will just be a matter of me balancing my time better and really getting a solid writing schedule, plan and strategy together. Because the world must be able to consume Spicer written words (and I must consume Pop Tarts that were purchased by money made by those words).

With that quick rundown of my life that has been these two days, I will now retreat to lair of blessed sleep. Where I plan to sleep. Hope your week has been grand, and your coming weekend will be more fantastic than an island of ninjas that fart out cream cheese (because really, isn't that the dream of us all?).