Posting To Say I'm Not Posting Today

Yeah, I realize that statement is nothing but a big fat lie, because here is your post. But it isn't much of one. My week has not been a volcano of skittles and a road of plush pillows. No, it has not. It's more been a, 'Dang, so this is why I want to be a full time freelance writer and not do this job my entire life, but dang, it'd be nice to have more time to actually do more of that writing thing, but dang, it'd be nice if clients got back to me so I knew I had actual paid writing work, but dang, does saying dang really make me sound like a hillbilly.' So, I'm going to stop 'danging', and instead sip on some gloriously cold beer and actually try to do some of that paid writing work that all the kids are raving about. Or at least me. I rave about it. When I am not busy 'danging', of course.

I hopefully, will catch up with you this weekend. I still want to write up two book reviews and I'm about to finish another book that I want to gush about too. So, you can rock away in your chair with anticipation of those posts. Or if you want, you can also just go and have a life too. Whatever works.