Saturday: A Status Report

There is actually a fair amount of snow falling upon the ground, which gives me hope that the snowshoes may be used this year and Summit may find a way to completely bury himself. These are all good things, because winter really shouldn't be all mud and puddles. Because neither allows for optimal tobogganing or flinging snow into the dog's face (mud is a much dirtier alternative with almost no side benefits). So, the snow is a welcomed thing.

My beard trimmer on the other hand is not welcomed at the moment. Apparently it was not properly charged before I commenced with the ritual and have now yanked out a rather hefty chunk of hair. I am not sure if my beard will be able to survive the day. I realize this is rather huge breaking news and I will keep you all updated on the future of the 2011 Winter Beard (which may not be able to see anymore solid snow falls).

I also did some writing work, but it is 'ad copy' which means you'll likely never see my name attached to it (and I can't really take credit for it). It is writing money nonetheless, which furthers the whole full time free lance writer aspirations. In some small way, may help the goal of getting some work done that can be sold to more public but non this blog reading sources.

But really, I know you all just care about the beard's future. I'll keep you posted. Promise.