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Winter 2011 Beard Update

It's in the trash can. Some of it may still be hiding out in the sink or escaped to the floor. Unfortunately, it is most definitely not on my face. In the great Face Grooming War of 2011, it clearly was the malfunctioning trimmer that won and left the most casualties in its wake. I tried my best to salvage my glorious beard (that I'd allowed to grow and flourish since about the third week of December), but my barbering skills were not capable of finding a way to make a beard with missing hunks of hair look fashionable. So, I pulled the proverbial trigger and allowed my beard to enter into eternal rest. Or more clearly, I shaved it all off and now only have stubble to showcase upon my face.

I would have alerted you of this tragic news sooner, but it was a Saturday and I had Saturday things to do. Things like helping some grand friends move into their new residence, shoveling the much begged for snow off my walk/driveways, enjoying a much deserved cold one (after a way too long week), watching me some of that sweet NHL All Star skills competition action, doing some writing that will cause some money to gallop into my wallet, and of course, mourning the passing of my beard. So, you can see why I wasn't able to provide a quicker update.

How has your weekend been?


  1. I read "how has your weekend been?" in a very canadian accent.


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