Great Super Bowl; Horrific Ending

I said on FaceBook and Twitter, "The Super Bowl was like Ol' Yeller, it was fun to watch but the ending was sad." I have never been a Steelers fan, but last night I definitely wanted to see the Packers lose (which meant Steelers had to win). I did really enjoy the game, and I can appreciate the skills of the Packers, but as a Bears fan, I am incapable of cheering for the Packers. Though that is no different than a Packers fan not being willing to root for the Bears. That is just how it goes when two teams wage a sports rivalry against each other. As for a Super Bowl, it was a great several hours of enjoyable football, but I think I'll be avoiding the mall for a bit so I don't have to see the Packers championship paraphernalia. As I've said before, there is far too may Packers fans in this little city of mine. Oh well, no place can be perfect.

I do like the trails and proximity to nature that this city provides. It allows for a fantastic time for hiking and when you can find a hill, tobogganing. Those were exactly the things we decided to do after work today. It was absolutely adorable seeing Summit bound to ever snow pile and gallop up every hill. He had a blast chasing the toboggan down the hill, and most times, actually was able to outrun the speeding sleigh. It was almost fun enough to cause me to forget the pain of my most hated team winning a championship my beloved Bears haven't won since 1986. It was a great time to spend with Emily and Summit, and a nice reminder how wonderful our little piece of the world is.

Hopefully, you were able to have an equally wonderful Monday (which for some is a oxymoron, I know).