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The Word Of The Day Is Lethargic

Because that is exactly how you feel after all you can eat sushi. Boy, do I love my sushi, so all I can eat is rather plenty, thank you. Now, my body just wants to slump upon the couch and allow my state of stuffedness gradually control my entire body. And stuffed is exactly what I am, well, along with that already mentioned lethargic. And out of breath too. Because after ramming sushi down my gullet, I decided to run around in the backyard like a maniac with Summit. You see, that is what is called quality time with your dog. It was quality, but it has only added to my current state. The lethargic state, not the stuffed state. I did not eat my dog. Why would I do such a thing when I had oh so much sushi. All I can eat, to be exact.

Well, I'm off to be lethargic now and hope the fullness dissipates before my Chinese feast to celebrate the new lunar year takes place tomorrow. When I will eat so much more food, and none of that will be dog either. Promise.

So, hope you all have a fantastic weekend and joyous Lunar New Year.


  1. Anonymous9:40 am

    Shelley Riimand via Facebook:

    likes this.

  2. Anonymous9:41 am

    Scott Martin via Facebook:

    that's a nice word... i have three words for the day: belfort versus silva!


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