The Media Diary Will Return

A Good Article About My All Time Favourite Basketball Star, Michael Jordan

I just came across a solid article, written by freelance writer Max Ornstein on the Good Men Project website, about basketball icon, Michael Jordan. It reflects upon how much of a hard worker Michael Jordan was, and how his excellence wasn't just something that came to him without immense effort. It shows how his work effort rubbed off on his team mates, or even more importantly, was demanded upon by Jordan in order to become the basketball powerhouse the Bulls were in the 90s. Obviously, Jordan did have amazing natural talent, and I could train as hard as him and still miss the majority of my free throws. It does act as a reminder of how important it is to adopt a really strong work ethic, and how even if you have talent (or actually, especially if you have talent) you must constantly work on your craft on a daily basis. It is a good reminder, and a great little tribute to the all time great in basketball.

Okay, I'm done pimping. Back to perfecting my craft, via doing writing work for the day.