Don't Worry I Haven't Fallen Into A Vortex

But I'll likely not be posting anything here over the weekend (or if I do, it will be more of the recent very short updates). I've got a work afternoon ahead of me, and this weekend I'll be off doing some rather important family like things. Part of which will be in regards to the family emergency I mentioned earlier, but the rest of it will be more of the warm and fuzzy family time, which is far more delightful, obviously. I've also got some of the oh-so-wonderful creation of sentences and paragraphs work that turns into money to fit in this weekend as well. All in all, that makes for an unattended blog, but I'm sure there is something on the internet you can find to entertain you while I'm gone.

Have a splendid weekend and get some of that sun and fresh air I've been hearing about.