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Hey Look! I Just Stumbled Upon A Long Weekend

And I knew exactly what do with it too. I put together a big Easter egg hunt for my lovely wife, I went for a wonderful stroll with my buddy Summit, and I had a magnificent feast with beloved family members. And it is only the very start of this long weekend, so I've got much more joyfulness and revelry to be had. Though, I am not saying you had to do any of those things with your start of long weekend. There is many options you can choose from. Maybe you can start that bronzed ladybug collection or begin work on that interpretive dance of the Industrial Revolution. Really, I promise not to judge you. My activities are not the only way to go, but I am pretty happy with my choices. Whatever you do, makes sure you take advantage of this long weekend and have yourself some grandness and magnificence.

Anyway, I've got lots of long weekending to attend to, so I'll likely be incognito on this blog for the rest of it. So, you go take advantage of my absence and go enjoy yourself with some non bloggy things.


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