Honestly, I Didn't Fall Into A Vortex

I returned safe and sound Sunday night, and I avoided any dark and swirling holes of despair. I even returned with the noble plan of brewing up a nice big helping of blog on Monday. The thing is, plans are the type of things that look great on paper or seem really nice when nestled in your mind, but sometimes the actual implementation are far less successful. I had laid out all the things I wanted to do yesterday, and I realized my list of work was rather ambitious, but I was unaware that it was completely impossible to do in one day. Or at least, it was because my cloning machine was stuck in the shop. So, I only got to about 40% of my planned Monday writing work and it meant the poor blog was left in the corner to stick his thumb into a plum pudding pie. But I heard the pie was delicious, so I wouldn't feel too bad for him.

I just wanted to alert you that indeed my current status is of the non vortex variety. I should pop on here a little later with some more delicious and nutritious words, but we all know how plans can go. I'm off to finish the rest of Monday and try to start Tuesday.