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Taking A Leap Of Faith

I know, I know, I'm bordering on 2007 level of blogging frequency. I'll give you a half-hearted apology for that. I've not seen much of this thing some call 'free time' lately due to loads of writing work, marketing work (to get more writing work), my office job, and some rather urgent family/personal issues. It has just been those sort of days lately, even though I've had lots I wanted to blog about; I haven't had the time to squeeze it in. I really don't have that time now, but I thought almost a week long disappearing act was long enough. Consider me reappeared and alive, and hopefully, I won't be drifting back into the darkness for too long.

I did want to mention one things on here, though. It is something I am pretty excited about. Hopefully, it is something that I won't be regretting in a month's time. Do you remember my blog from a while back called Don't Quit Your Day Job? Well, I still stand by and believe everything I wrote in that article. And I haven't quit my office job. BUT I've decided to quit a certain aspect of my 'day job', and it is the portion that gave me the most hours and pay. The problem was, it also happened to be the most rigid and scheduled, and took up entire days that could have been devoted to writing. This is all fine and dandy when I don't have a lot of writing work, but as of these past 5 days, I've landed several long term clients. This is a good thing, because clients is what will make this a real job that pays for things like my mortgage or a pop tart statue. It also means that my already shrinking time has shrunk much more, and with a rather time consuming office job in the way, I would have to start turning down clients. From what I've been told, turning down clients is a really bad way to grow a business.

I've made the decision to take a rather giant leap of faith, and now make my writing business the largest part of my work week and thus the job I will rely on the most to bring home the bacon (though, I'd rather my clients not actually pay with bacon, please). It is scary and I've second guessed it a few times, but it is also really exciting, because after all, this has been the goal for the last year or so. Things may be a little more tight and a lot more stressful in the coming weeks (because I haven't had enough of that lately), but I really think this will be an exciting time of growth for my company. On the plus side for you, I am sure my stress inducing state will cause for far more crazy rants of fury for your entertainment.

Speaking of my writing business, I've got some work right now that one client would like done, thank you very much. So, I am going to go do what it takes to make it 'done'. But I've actually got a rather important (to me) blog piece that I plan posting here very soon, and so you have that to look forward to. Hope your day is all bananas and koalas.


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