When Weather Threatens My Productivity

So, the countdown is officially over and my soul is firmly secure inside me (or at least whatever is left of it). Today is supposed to be a full day where I can concentrate on a Mount Everest load of client work, some which actually needs to be sent out by the end of the day. Normally, I'd be excited by the prospect of several hours of uninterrupted writing and being able to create content that continues my whole goal of getting money for my written words. And I am excited. Honest. But there is also a rather large and scary storm slamming against my window and shaking everything that dares to be outside (at one point, it looked like my fence was going to do a whole 'TIMBER!' routine). So, I can't help being taken over with the fear that my entire house is going to be lifted from its foundation and I'll be transported off to Oz. Normally, I'd be excited about a vacation to Oz, except I don't know what their internet capabilities are like over there. The whole e-mail thing is crucial to sending out work. Plus I don't even remember if that place has electricity. In case I'm overestimating the strength of this wind, there is still the chance the power might go bye bye. And that my dear friends, is probably even scarier (and involves far less cute little people who eat too many sweets).

So, I should stop hanging out here and try to get as much done as possible before the power pulls a disappearing act.


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