Because Many Would Expect Me to Mention This

The Hulkster was in Brantford (the place I call home) on Saturday for the first time since 1985. It was part of a big wrestling event at the Civic Centre, called Battle at the Bush 2, which raised funds for the Miles To Go cancer support group and the Brantford Community Resource food bank (both really great causes). It seems like the event was either a sell out or at least, drew a really large crowd (I'm not sure how much the Civic Centre holds, but it would definitely be several thousand when you can also use the floor for seating).

I'm sure many who know me (or at least think they know me), would have assumed I'd shake my little self over to this event, but alas, I was in Toronto. I had contemplated it, but in the end, I had far more important and meaningful family events to partake in. Plus there is the fact that despite I am a life long wrestling fan and even a bigger fan of 'old school' wrasslin', I've never been a huge Hulk Hogan fan. Since the show was centered around him and the tickets where marked up based on that fact, I didn't have the strongest desire in the world to attend anyway. But I appreciate the fact that many Ontarians are huge Hulkamaniacs, and I am glad that the event did really well (considering it was for a good cause). Now, if Macho Man had been scheduled on this event. . .

Anyway, sounds like it was a good time, and it is pretty cool that one of the biggest stars in wrestling actually showed up to little old Brantford. I'm more stoked over the fact that Brantford was able to host a fairly large event, rather than the fact Hogan was hobbling about.

Actually, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that an event promoting 'old school' wrestling would do well in this area, because way back in the day (mid 80s), WWF (now know as WWE) used to tape one of their weekly wrestling shows here. At one point, this was considered a pretty big wrestling town and definitely holds an important history in that regards. Brantford was hosting WWF right when it was becoming a huge national powerhouse and a star like Hogan was turning into a media sensation. The reality is, for a small period in the 1980s, Hogan was a legitimate superstar outside of wrestling (many felt he was going to become a Hollywood blockbuster star -- until he stunk the joint with horrendous movies). Brantford was one of the places that his massive growth began. Of course, to this day Hogan is still the most recognizable star (next to maybe the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin -- though the older demographic knows Hogan way better) outside of wrestling and has a huge following of people who once were wrestling fans (or still are). It was definitely cool to see Hogan going back to his roots, and a different time period being honoured for a night.

I am just fine with missing it, but it still looks like it could have been fun.


  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Krisztina Klail via Facebook:

    i am so sure he was staying our our resort in Cuba a few years ago..people were taking pictures with him but i couldn't decide if it was him or not and no i don't have proof!

  2. Maybe it was one of the other orange skinned skullet sporting celebrities.


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